Fonts not showing up

Did a quick search on this topic and most results were from 2-3 years ago with semi-solutions.

Brand new (not even a week old) Win 10 Laptop 64 bit. Latest version of Create.

Downloaded a few fonts and none of them work in the create program. Fire up Word or even Wordpad and they are all there. I see from past posts the “solution” is just design what you want in another program then save as a svg and upload when complete. Has this process changed or will I need to download another program to be able to design with custom fonts?

Carbide Create allows the use of any fonts which your OS makes available to it.

Note that it uses a rather odd type system, so in some instances, fonts will appear with names which don’t match what other applications show, or out of alphabetical order.

If need be, you can set the type in Inkscape, then save a duplicate and use the command Path | Path to Object to convert the type to geometry which will then import into Carbide Create.

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I read the same thing earlier, oddly enough I think it was from you as well :rofl:. Wasn’t sure if there was a fix/change since everything i searched was 2-3 years old. I’ll have to go back and check the names of the fonts when I get home. Seems strange that none of them appear though.

My wife uses silhouette so that’s my back up. Just create what we want and save it as a .svg there. Since we’re both new to the CNC world it would just be easier to do it all in one program.

Thanks for the help!