FOR SALE: Carbide3d Nomad 883 Pro (Grey HDPE) Excellent Condition with Extra Accessories

I have a gently used Nomad 883 Pro (Grey HDPE) in mint condition for sale. I intended to use this machine for a project but then COVID happened. So i’m selling this barely used machine to make room for a different adventure. The CNC machine works perfectly as it should, shows no signs of cosmetic wear and has been properly maintained since its entire life. It comes with the flip jigs, ferris file a wax, a cutting oil double-sided tape, 2x wax blocks, a standard PCB drill set, 5x synthetic woods, 5x acrylic sheets, 4x HDPE sheets, 3x two-tone HDPE sheets, 4x linoleum sheets, power supply, USB cable, MDF wasteboard and a bunch of end mills / engravers. Asking $2450 shipped, feel free to pm for more details ( Thanks

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