FOR SALE: Nomad 883 Pro with goodies

Used for less than 15 cutting hours and never had an issue…
I just don’t have time to cultivate this hobby anymore.
Comes with (not in picture) threaded aluminum table, low profile vise, flip jig several wooden boards of different type purchased from Carbide3d store, several blank PCBs, and an assortment of bits.
I am in Auburn, CA but we can arrange shipping.

Selling for $1700 or best offer!


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Hi, I am not that far away from Auburn and might be interested. I am new to Carbide3D but it appears that they have different models all called Nomad 883 Pro. The current model is Nomad 3. What model is yours / how old is it?

The Nomad 883 was first gen.
Nomad 883 pro was second.
Nomad 3 is latest.

Work volume is the same between all the Nomads. The Nomad 3 has some upgrades, but the Nomad 883 pro is a pretty capable machine.
Threaded table and other accessories (except the probe) work with the pro.
Nomad 3 has this:

  • New spindle design with angular contact bearings running at 24K RPM.
    Old spindle maxes at 10K RPM


Still available?


Jim Ryan

Yes still available :slight_smile:

Sorry, i didn’t check this thread for a while.
I just checked the order confirmation and it is a Nomad 883 Pro - Bamboo

Assuming you have all the documentation, boxes, etc.? How long have you had this Nomad? Possible to take a short video of it moving?

I don’t have the original boxes, no… I’d have to figure out how to ship it. Where are you located anyways?
As far as documentation goes, I can print out my receipt and order’s info from the carbide store if you need that.
I’ve had the Nomad for about 3 years, but it has seem very little use… maybe 15 hours of active cutting, probably less.
I can power it up and take a video of it moving, that’s no issue :slight_smile:

I’m in Michigan, 48080 zip code. Ok, yes I would like to see a video please

Alright, I’ll hook it up and take a video tomorrow :+1: