FOR SALE: Shapeoko 3 XXL - washington dc area

Purchased in September 2020, recently lost employment and wont be able to pay for such an investment.

For Sale:

  • Shapeoko 3 XXL - Brand New Condition (Only used to make an Anniversary Gift)
  • Makita Compact Router ( RT0701C)
  • 4 Whiteside Router Bits (1/4 Upcut, 1/4 VCarve (60Degree), 1/2" VCarve (60Degree), 1" Cutting Depth Router Bit)
  • Plus Extras include MDF Wood for extra wasteboards


Let me know if your interested and live near Washington DC

If you’d be willing to meet in Emporia VA (halfway point), I’d be VERY interested.

Hey Brian,

I’d be willing to make the 3hr drive if you are very interested in the XXL.

Before you buy it, just want to make sure you know it’s cash only and if you have any questions about the Shapeoko before we make the trip out there

I have all original packaging therefor will be packaging it in its original boxes when I deliver.
Let me know


besides what you listed (bits, MDF, router) what is included? Can I get a few more pics of it? When would you be able to meet?