FOR SALE: Shapeoko 3 XXL with JTECH Laser - SOCAL

I’m selling this for $1400.00 with everything listed below.

  • Shapeoko 3 XXL - $1928.00 ($1730.00 w/ Dewalt Router + Sales tax + Shipping)
  • Suckit Dust Boot with 2" brush - $105.00
  • Dust Deputy Full Kit - $105.00
  • Extra Vacuum Hosing used as extensions (not pictured) - $20.00
  • 80/20 Aluminum Enclosure - $900.00
  • Dewalt Stands - $110.00
  • JTech 3.8W Laser kit with safety glasses and acrylic shield - $538.00

I have receipts of all items that are included with this deal. I will also include the the mounting rales in the picture.

I barely get to use this machine (around 5 hours worth of usage) and my wife and I are will be moving soon and I can’t take it with me.

Will not part with any of the items above and can only sell locally in Southern California. The machine is located in Pasadena.

Where are you located?


Will update the original post to include this.

If it’s still for sale, we have a deal ! I was looking for this model
I’m close to Pasadena

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@dajaab Just saw your email, sending you a response!


I’d like to know if this has sold. I also sent you an email. I am local.

ok I assume it’s sold no response from you.

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