FOR SALE: Shapeoko 3 XXL

XXL for sale with Makita router. I bought it last year but it turns out that I’m not as into CNC as I thought I would be. As added motivation, it looks like I’ll be moving in the next year or so and downsizing in the process.

I’ll include the suck-it dust boot, router, and all bits that I have. Also, a threaded waste board! The machine has probably less than 5 hours of runtime so it’s basically brand new. I’m looking to get $1500 for it but open to offers.

Located in Norfolk, VA and willing to drive 3-4 hours to meet halfway if you’re interested. I haven’t priced out shipping but I’m sure it’s cost prohibitive.



Sorry to see you give it up and wish I had room for another XXL!!! Good luck to you.

I might be interested! Currently in Hawaii, but moving in a couple weeks. Spending a few months in Norfolk on my way to the next place. Don’t hold it for me at all, but if this is still available by the time I get there, I might be able to help you out. Was planning on buying a new XXL in the fall anyways.

Let me know when you get in town! If it’s still here, it’s all yours.

If I only lived closer, I’m in Michigan. Was going to get one ordered next month. Hmmm

Ha, yeah. If you have any trips out to the beach coming up, hit me up! Sadly, I don’t have plans to visit Michigan any time soon

Ya, I will let you know. Maybe I can talk the wife into a road trip.

Will do! Was really excited to start from the ground up with a brand new XXL, but I think the savings might be worth it. Do you mind posting a picture or two of what you’re including? I know the Shapeoko and Suckit have done some changes in the past year or so.

Is this still available?

It’s pending pickup the first week of June.

Ok, Thanks

let me know if doesn’t work out…:slight_smile:

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