FOR SALE: Shapeoko 5 pro 4x4 for sale - Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta area)

I’ll trade someone my shapeoko 5 pro straight up for a 4x2 unit, or sell my Shapeoko 5 pro 4x4 for $3250. Everyone said buy the biggest one you can, but frankly, while i want to have a cnc in my shop, i figured out quickly that the 4x4 is just more than i’ll need, both in size an capability.

(and yes, i realize i’m probably the only guy ever to say my cnc is too big :slight_smile: )

Actually, we’ve had a couple of folks ask about making machines smaller, but yes, you’re definitely in the minority here.

I certainly sympathize — I would love to have a 4x4, but given the limited space in my basement and the hard reality that it’s not really possible to get full 4x8 sheets down into it, went with a 4x2.

@johnwest - Where are you located?

Um, yeah, that would prob be helpful info :smile: . I’m in Alpharetta, ga, just north of Atlanta.

I have a 3XXL and in Georgia too, machine workspace is 32x32, and I want to go bigger! Not sure if your interested in a deal or if u can sell mine I could jump all over the 4x4!

Really want to get a 5 pro 2x4. But this would be a great deal for you for my 4x4!


@TonyMurray make me an offer :slight_smile:

I would but had some unexpected things come up so looks like holding off for a while. Wish i could give you a fair offer!

Also need to sell my 3xxl before i can move up!

I would be tempted but I have only had my Pro XXL for a couple of months and have plenty of growing to do with it. I only live 5 hours from you so it would be worth the drive.

@CullenS you and I are neighbors… and this is a great deal I just cant make it work right now or i would be all over it!

@TonyMurray where are you? I am just outside of Savannah.

Saint Marys so just down the road!

Good to see a fellow Georgian here. I am just north of you in Cumming.

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@johnwest Would you be interesting in a Shapeoko 4 Pro XXL? Obviously, this wouldn’t be a straight up even trade, but we could discuss this. The footprint is similar to the 5 Pro 4x2
4 Pro XXL: 50" (X), 42" (Y), 19" (Z)
5 Pro 4x2: 60 in(X) x 35 in(Y) x 21 in(Z)

sorry, no. really need the 35" depth to be able to roll up against a wall with other tools.

I just had a friend make a 2"x2" angle iron table frame for my 5Pro 4x4, and I was shocked at how large the thing looks. I have enough room for it but in making an enclosure I will need door openings on all four sides. No way to reach across the whole table.

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