For Sale - Shapeoko Left Over Parts

I have the Metal Frame, Aluminum Extrusion and Waste Board (with threaded inserts) left over from upgrading to the XL. Would this be of interest for anyone to purchase? If so best offer in the next 5 days wins. I will disassemble for shipment if needed.

Sorry i posted this earlier but had a child since then and was not able to respond or get in the shop to take pictures.



Where are you located? I might be interested in the waste board.

I live north west of Atlanta GA

I’m in Bham, AL. How much for the wasteboard?

$25 plus shipping. I almost tossed them. They have 1/4-20 thread inserts installed.

PM me if interested.

Won’t let me pm. Sold.
Email Mike at leatherneckgarage dot com

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Emailed…interesting way of writing it I hope I got it right!

What are you asking for the metal parts?

Sorry the metal parts are sold.

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