For Sale: Used Nomad 883 Pro (Australia)

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Hey all,

I’m moving countries near the end of the year and am trying to sell most of my gear. I bought a Nomad 883 Pro early last year for rapid prototyping of a project that is still incomplete, and I didn’t end up using it very much - maybe 20 times or less. It was mostly used to cut MDF and some renshape, and also to engrave aluminium a single time (easy mother’s day gift!).

I haven’t touched it in about 6 months, but I think I have at least 1 of every type of cutter sold by Carbide, definitely have doubles of a few. I’ve also got some copper PCB plates and some other bits and pieces, so I’ll take inventory at some point soon and edit this post, this is merely to see if there’s any interest here in Australia.

I’m based in the western suburbs of Sydney and am willing to drive a few hours to drop it off, or you can pick it up if you’re close enough. I do have the original box and packing foam inserts too, so it could be shipped if you want to organise a courier to collect it from me, have them package it, and post it to you, eg. Pack and Send.

Feel free to respond to this thread and drop me a PM, or you can reach me on Twitter @DeMasterchief7.


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Bump, any interest in this before I try Gumtree or eBay?


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