For what's left of life in me

For 10 days now I’m trying to carve this. What am I doing wrong? I have no clue. I can not even upload the file. I guess it is too big.
This jpg is a screen capture of it.

That looks like Meshcam?
Is the file an STL?

The jpg was captured from Aspire. I have an STL version of it, but it is too big to upload here.

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What’s not working?

Can you put the stl on Google Drive or dropbox?

the toolpath simulation runs perfect from start to end.

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better, here is the aspire file.

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Does the XXL controller has a gcode file size limitations? That’s the only thing I can think of.

I’m afraid that that’s the case — depending on hardware capabilities Carbide Motion begins to have problems around 20MB or so. There should be a new version of CM to support the BitSetter once it begins shipping, not sure if it will be one which supports larger files, or if that will have to wait until some other update.

You can either optimize the file (starting w/ a larger ball-nosed endmill for roughing, then switching to a smaller may help), split the file manually (see the principle of this at: ), or use a 3rd party communication/control program — lists at: and — a couple of them are noted as working well on large files, esp. the CLI scripts.


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