Forgot to save my files

I was working on a project, forgot to save the file but have the gcode on a hard drive. Can i recover the file back onto cc from the gcode on the usb.

No, G-code only contains toolpath information.

There is a 3rd party utility, G-code Ripper from Scorchworks which attempts to recover G-code which might get you something useful.

If you send me the G-code & stock size, I can simulate it in NX & send you the resulting STL. It will be a faceted model of the stock with the material removed from the tool paths.


While “recovery” is technically feasible (in some fashion), the take-away here is that one must pay attention to the prompts that software is producing.

A workflow that includes saving interim copies of a design is truly something required. I save a “-1” etc. at the end of a file name before I make any major design changes.

That illustrates an advantage of the V7 approach of having the gcode as part of the design file. To cut it you have to save it all.

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