Found a new t-track clamp (new to me, anyway)

A friend pointed me at these over at Rockler. There is a “cam” like this one, and a fixed one. The fixed one is about $7, the Cam side is about $20. They come with a t-bolt (the blue toggle on top is the nut) and fit the usual t-track. Haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but they’re very short, unlike the usual rocker clamp. The image is sort of clipped off in the preview, so click on it to see the interesting part…not just the upside down front of the package…


Great widget @mikep

Does anyone have these here and how well do they hold if you’ve got these?

You might try cutting some “cam action” pieces from a video I saw either on the forum or in YouTube. The “T Track” system has some slip in rectangular hold downs that are threaded. Just use a short flat head screw down through the wooden cam piece with a chamfer so the head is flush with the top of the cam or maybe a bit lower. That should work and may even be a better tool.