Frank Wroyd Light, Carbide Create, and Pockets

I have a fascination for Frank Lloyd Wright in general and his Ennis House in particular (think Blade Runner, Deckard’s apartment, and many other films). I’ve found STL files of the tile on Thingiverse, and carved small versions. But as an STL file, the only real option to carve as a raster, and when I scaled that up to full size, it was a 16 hour job or more, with a roughing path and a finishing path. Which makes no sense, the Ennis tile is perfectly geometric, it should be doable as a series of pockets… so I rebuilt the file in Carbide create, and carved an actual-size Ennis tile in just over 2 hours.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with it now, but that particular itch has now been scratched.


Yeah, algorithmic analysis and toolpathing isn’t as efficient as one would want.

I’d just re-draw the pixel image — shouldn’t take long — then do Toolpaths by hand.

Old Frank had it going on. I like his prarie style and have made some things in his style. I like his geometric designs for panels and other objects. Frank had some real craftsmen working for him. Frank had the ideas but his craftsmen brought it to life.


FLW fan here also. It’s crazy that they were able to get that much detail in a stone casting back in the mid 1920’s. Not sure how well MDF does as an acoustic panel, but having a bunch of those lining a wall would look really cool.


How about making a silicone mold from that and then casting some foam or something?
(I have little experience with casting, but it sounds plausible)

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I’ve seen the Ennis House up close–I don’t know how much the concrete has aged over time, but I think they are supposed to look very old and crumbled at the edges–the theme was supposed to be Mayan Temple.

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I think I did that–this was not a raster carve, I re-created the STL file in CC and did the carve as a series of pockets.


The thought of making a mold and doing some casting was definitely on my mind. I was wondering about making an outdoor planter in concrete.

I have no experience with it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did one as a memorial. The client did the concrete and they dropped it in Lake Erie.

I’ll see if he has a photo and some details on the process. I know I gave advice on what to spray it with, but I can’t remember now.