Freezes when homing X-axis

Has anyone else encountered the Shapeoko XXL freezing while homing? Essentially, I press home, it moves, and then at the same point (about 9cm from home) on the X-axis it freezes and completely locks Carbide Motion. The only way to fix it is to pull hte power, unplug the USB, then reconnect everything and home again. The second time it always works and the first time I home it always freezes. It’s driving me insane and I’m ready to scrap this thing.

Have you checked your gbrl settings? sounds like you need to set $130/$131 to 850.000

I have set those. Does it freak out if you go beyond the software limit though? I was thinking about expanding it.

Mine did that until I changed the limits to 850/850.

Yep. Same here. CM build 631. Uncable and restart everything and it works OK from there.

I could easily be wrong here, but the table size limits (850X850 or what ever size table you have) should not matter. While homing it should move on each axis until it hits a home/limit switch. From home, the table size entries (850X850 or what ever size table you have) define the soft limits.

Just for testing try to turn soft limits off to see if something is triggering there.

$22=0 would be off and $22=1 for on.