Full version of carbide create?

The carbide create that was sent to me is not a full version ( no tool library, no move commands etc. etc. ).
Is there a full version yet? I thought I had seen a video with tool library and all sorts of editing abilities. I use v carve pro 5.0 and downloaded post processor, works great just curious bout create. Thank you Ray

Probably you need an updated version.

Request a link here: http://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/download/

yeah, I did that and what I got still is not full version.

Contact support@carbide3d.com

Maybe some of the confusion is that CC is still in beta? At least that what the app says when you open it…

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Did you ever get this worked out? A lot of the tools are contextual, you’ll only see the move tool on the design tab with a component selected. You’ll only see the too library when editing a toolpath.