Fusion 359 - Storage Offline

For anyone who hasn’t been impacted yet.


Shows that the cloud data storage behind Fusion and several of the BIM products is currently borked. My neighbour has been unable to access his students projects to get them machined / printed for end of term delivery dates.

It will be interesting to see how many of the major customers tell Autodesk that no, they cannot continue to force them to store their work in the unreliable Autodesk cloud now…


I ran in to the same issue this afternoon.
Edit: Wasn’t down for long for me.

It won’t help you but a year ago I was able to save my files locally. Has that changed?

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You can still export, I foresee many tools to help people backup their Autodesk cloud captive files after this incident :wink:

Looks like it’s back online now, but many users just got a wake up call to what “in the cloud” means when it goes wrong.

I agree… the cloud is just someone else’s computer… not magic.

I save my files to my one drive and pay 2 dollars a month for a large amount of storage, which also facilitates easy transfer of tool paths from my design PC to my CNC PC’s.

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