Fusion 360 Adaptive settings?


I’m trying to take advantage of the 2D Adaptive feature in Fusion 360 on my Nomad 883 Pro.

Material is Aluminum 6061, and I’m using the 1/8" Carbide Endmill.

I’ve tried to use G-Wizard to calc out the settings, but it seems that they don’t translate well when it comes to 2D Adaptive. I’m lost on how G-Wizard can help.

Here are some of the settings that I think translate:

Spindle: 9200 RPM
Feedrate: 8 IPM
Plunge Feedrate 1 IPM

…but other posts have indicated much higher feedrates when using 2D Adaptive. What feedrate should I use?

"Optimal Load"
On another post someone mentioned this should be set to 40% of diameter:
.125 * .4 = 0.05

I am confused has to how this works out to depth of cut.

For the part I am trying to face the top of, if I leave “Multiple Depths” unchecked, it will be taking a pass around .375" depth.

If I check “Multiple Depths” and set it to the standard Feeds&Speeds setting, it would be .010". I’m not clear on how adaptive would be any better here as I wouldn’t be doing a deep cut.

tl;dr Does anyone have some tested settings for facing 6061 aluminum with a 1/8" Endmill using 2D Adaptive in Fusion 360?

I don’t have the exact feeds to hand but iirc I had good results with 1.5 mm doc at about 500mm/min with 0.4mm optimal load with the carbide 1/8 inch endmill (dry cut but with good chip clearance). Make sure you ramp in and don’t forget to leave a small amount of stock and do a slow finish pass.

If you search the nomad forum for aluminium you will find a couple of others that used similar speeds (they have the Imperial speeds to to save you converting).


Hi Paul, where are you setting DOC when using 2D Adaptive?

My understanding was that 2D Adaptive was intended to use full length flute engagement, is that incorrect?

Depth of cut is set by using multiple depths (set the max). Full length flute engagement might be intended, but for a deep cut this might be too much for the nomad. I haven’t experimented much with it so let us know how deep you can get good results with.

Here is the link to remmy’s post where he lists his settings

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