Fusion 360 / BitSetter and BitStarter

How Do i configure BitSetter and Starter when exporting from fusion 360? Or once I choose the post processor ir will automatically do those two things?

You shouldn’t have to do anything in Fusion 360 for those things. Both are controlled by Carbide Motion. Just make sure your settings are configured correctly Carbide Motion and you should be good.

I don’t use f360 but Neil F has PP for BitSetter on forum

I just use the post processor that came with fusion and it works fine for me. Am I missing something?

The Fusion360 post-processor (either Carbide 3D’s one or @neilferreri’s one) will insert the appropriate commands (M6) for tool changes automatically in the generated file, as long as you make sure that different tools have different tool numbers in the tool database. So this takes care of the BitSetter part, because when Carbide Motion sees those M6 commands while running the file, it will stop and prompt for tool change and then probe the BitSetter.

The BitZero is for zeroing, so that is unrelated to Fusion360 and the way it generates files, it’s just in a different part of the workflow.

The BitRunner is used to automate starting/stopping the router, and it works automatically by detecting the “M3” commands that all post-processors add in the G-code based on the programmed RPM value. Nothing to do there either.

I’m not sure what you meant by “BitStarter”

So long story short, there is nothing special to do in Fusion360 to support any of the Carbide 3D accessories.


Ah…you really need to talk to Rob and Luke about the latest products. BitStarter is an alarm system that prompts you to use your CNC when you haven’t in a while.


I need to get one asap then ! :slight_smile:


With you, it would never go off.


Neil’s post processor allows for pre-installation of the first tool (i.e. removes the M6 command, so it skips the BitSetting operation at the beginning of the job and saves the user from that redundancy each time).


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