Fusion 360 Renew

Hope this question has not been answered–I did a search before posting.

I have a free subscription to Fusion 360 that is showing it will expire in 2 days. I understand that it can be renewed yearly based on this video.

Seems like I read that owners of the free version had to switch to the hobbyist version and that there was some sort of application process. Is this true, or is it as simple as “renewing” as shown in the video?

Has anyone had experience switching over from free trial? If so, what is the best route to follow. I don’t want to loose all my access.

Thanks, EWC

I had to re-download, install, and log back in. Wasn’t super straight forward, but worked.


You should renew but they have changed the terms and limit your useage and tools available for free. Are you eligible for education license?

I know some limits have been put in place. So far, the only thing that looks to be of concern is the loss of rappids. As to education license, I likely am now as I am a school admin as day job. However, retiring this year, so I would be back to square one after this summer.

The major things I would miss are rapids and the ability to change tools semi-auto like with the BitSetter.

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