Fusion always under sizing pockets and countours

I have this odd issue where everything I cut is a little off. If I make a 1" square pocket it comes out to about 0.99". I tried adding a contour step at the end to clear up any remaining leftovers, but still get something off in size. I included 2 example G-codes. A few notes:

  • I am not using “stock to leave”
  • I am using a contour finish
  • I have tried climb and conventional milling
  • My mill is calibrated, I moved 30 inches in x and y and measured an error below 0.1%
  • I tried similar features with carbide create, and they seem to turn out a lot closer
  • I am using ESTL cam to do the controlling, but don’t think that is an issue. I might try to get carbide motion running again, it doesn’t connect since I flashed the board.
  • I tried exporting the steps as GRBL, but got the same issue
  • The positions of the gcode look right. IF I do the math, things should be in the right position
  • The bit diameter seems right. I measured the diameter, and a slot cut in wood makes the right width

Suggestions on what to try next?

Drawer Side Top Right.nc (34.5 KB)
Test Square RightContour.nc (1.0 KB)

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