Fusion360 Motor barking

Saw another chattering question here just a moment ago, starting a new thread so I don’t derail that one.
Generated my first simple part in Fusion360, ran a clear pass and am getting some “funny” noise out of the steppers. Specifically on what would be the radii. I tried sending with both grbl-panel and CM and get the same result.


I ran the part and it came out pretty well, but there are some chatter marks that about correspond with the ~29sec mark in that video.

Belts tight, set screws tight, etc. Didn’t do this yesterday, so I’m assuming it’s something with my gcode out of fusion.
Thoughts?ABDB_MiddleSection_.25.nc (87.6 KB)

Quick edit to add that I’ve run some simple-circle tests with gcode from fusions and don’t seem to hear the same squawking…

Are the curves faceted when cut, or smooth? If faceted, this is an issue with arc generation on fusion.

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They should be smooth, since the G-code is made up of G2 and G3 curves:

G3 X0.0871 Y0.154 I-0.0562 J0.1116

Please check the usual suspects:

  • wiring
  • belt tension
  • pulley set screws
  • V-wheel adjustment
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I assume then that the noise\motion in that video is not expected behavior, given the gcode?

At the risk of beating the v-wheel dead horse; how tight is tight? I find they’ve gotta be pretty darn snug to eliminate any racking in the various carriages… Generally if I can easily roll it with my finger when it’s set against the rail, I’ll tighten it until I can’t easily roll it. Too tight? Not tight enough?

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