G-Code error when trying to load .nc file from Carbide Create

no matter what i do with my c2d file in Carbide Create - simulation all runs fine but when i try sending the g-code file to Carbide Create or loading the .nc file in Carbide Motion i always get the g-code error bad character. I have even tried loading older .nc files that i have already printed and even those files are giving me the G-Code error and not opening. I just updated my Carbide Create to Build 474, Built on 2020-07-20. wondering if there’s supposed to be an update for Motion as well because the version i’m running didn’t have an update (Build: 513). I am running on a macbook (OS Catalina V 10.15.5).
I have deleted and re-installed both Motion and Create and error still occurs.
i have also loaded gcode file into a g-code simulator and the file looks fine.
i’m at a loss and very frustrated.
thanks for any advice/assistance.

Hi @crabsnak,

Can you post here one .nc file that gives you this error when loading it in Carbide Motion ?


ExitSign01.nc (86.3 KB)

ARROW.nc (24.7 KB)

exit.nc (71.0 KB)

Hi @crabsnak,

I have a hunch that the very first line of the generated G-code files is causing the issue:

(Design File: /Users/CHINGSAT1/Dropbox/Brookside Inn/project - permit -detail 项目装修/Signs - Property/EXIT.c2d)

CM may not like the special (Chinese?) characters on that comment line.
I don’t have access to Carbide Motion right now, but it’s worth a try to just edit one of those files and just remove that first line, see if it fixes the problem. It’s a comment line so there will be no impact on the job itself.


@Julien is correct in his surmise.

Our software isn’t properly internationalized and high-order (greater than 7-bit ASCII) characters confuse the software even when in comments. Hopefully a future update of Carbide Create and/or Carbide Motion will handle these more elegantly.


aahh… my wife has been using my laptop and her first language is Mandarin so its possible the default language was set to Chinese when these files were created. I will recreate the G-Code making sure the language is set to English. Thx!


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