G Code Problem - Need Help Please

I’m getting a post error when I try to save a G Code. The G Code seems to show up in my file but am getting a ReferenceError: Identifier String Undefined warning message every time I try to save. Anyone else had this problem b4?

This guy did.

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Yes, same problem I’m having, what is the problem? Anyone know?

Read the thread? :slight_smile:
(EDIT: or maybe you are asking about WHY this error happens, and I have no clue, it looks very much like a bug)

Go to Edit, Select Post Processor, select Carbide3D Shapeoko in the list of post-processor


I’m getting the same error code. I went back and reset my computer to 1 week back and got rid of that update

It must be a bug, I am having same issue.

did you select the right post-processor?