G-code reading help needed

Hi All,
I have been having problems with my spindle getting stuck when making tabs out of Carbide Create, and @Jorge said the older versions were not handling the feed rates correctly, causing the plunge rate to be the same as the feed, which could account for my issue.

At his suggestion, I have tried the latest unstable build. I generated this tiny test file, and when I look at the g-code it seems like it’s still not plunging at the correct rate.

Can someone more fluent in g-code than me please double check it? I’d be very grateful!

Also, I’m pretty sure this is the bit that is making the tab:


If I just edit that so it reads:


Would that work properly? Or does the F command go on the next line after that second Z?
Does this question make any sense?

tab test.nc (4.8 KB)

You want the slower feed rate at the end of your Z-(negative) moves. The Z+(positive) moves can stay at the faster cut speed.
Z-0.254 114.3

Assuming you are zeroed at the top of your stock. You are coming above your stock 2.009, then plunging/(ramping in). I’m also assuming you are using triangular tabs, because you are simultaneously moving X,Y, and Z.

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Thanks for the help!
So then to resume feeding at the correct speed for the cut, I would put the F914.4 after the next line following the second Z-(negative) move, right?
Z-0.254 114.3

I am not intentionally using triangular tabs. I’m cutting out diamond shapes, and using whatever tabs CC makes by default. Hopefully they would work ok.

thanks again!

Yes, you got it as far as the feed rate position. I’m just curious why the endmill is coming out of the material for tabs. Is there more than one profile? Sorry, I’m just quickly eyeballing the Gcode, I haven’t put it in a viewer.

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Oh, this is just a tiny piece of test code I made super fast without really looking closely at the settings. It’s for a piece of aluminum that’s 3mm thick, but I just left the tabs at the default size in CC, which is 3mm x 12mm, and I think the depth was also set wrong, so it’s trying to make 3mm tall tabs in 3mm thick aluminum that it’s only going halfway through.

I think this code should be better in terms of the size of the tab, though the feedrate is still wrong:


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