G Code to display message on Carbide Motion?

Recently, I added the BitSetter to my Shapeoko 3 and noticed the new Carbide Motion comes with all kind of nice “message” to tell me to change bit, turn off spindle, etc.
I want to do the same to display a few messages during the milling process to remind myself of couple things. I am currently using HSMWorks x Carbide Motion x Shapeoko 3, and HSMWorks has manual NC command to display message but the Carbide motion doesn’t show any custom message.

Does anyone know the command to display a message in the Carbide motion? I can edit the G-code myself if I can’t get the HSMworks to use the correct command.


I’m afraid there is no way to make CM display an arbitrary message based on anything in the G-code file. As far as I am aware, the existing pop-up messages are hardcoded in CM (e.g. based on specific codes like M3/M6). I would love to be wrong !


I believe it will read off the endmill # and modify the prompt based on that.

What is the command?

image image
The capture shows the Manual NC operation to print “Custom Message”, but the post processed G-code simply ignors it. Note that the Manual NC1 [Stop] generates the M0 code on line 359.

Thanks Julien, I looked through available G-code in the CM and found nothing that would display an arbitrary message. Too bad.

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Grbl doesn’t have a mechanism for that.
I think we’ll see it eventually in CNCjs, but only within macros.

You’re looking for a pop-up type message?

I think the commands built in to HSM would be for professional level machines, like Tormach or Datron, and possibly machines connected directly to a computer (LinuxCNC).


Thank you!
Maybe we should suggest CM to add this feature.

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