G-Wizard question for ballnose

Hey guys- as recommended on these boards I downloaded gwizard to calculate feeds/speeds for projects.

My question is regarding using a ballnose bit. g-wizard asks to input a cut depth & cut width.

I am doing a 3D clearing pass with a .25EM.

With using a .25ball nose, what would these values be? stepover is set to 10% or .025". So Id assume that is cut width, my only concern is the initial cuts would be removing more material than .025" at a time. And the cut depth?

Thank you

We have some values for stepover and depth per pass at: http://docs.carbide3d.com/support/#tooling-support

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When you set your roughing pass, the depth of cut of the 25EM is going to dictate how much material is left per layer above your 3D object. So, for example, if you have a round dome 3" across and 1/2" high, and you set your depth of cut for your rough pass to be 1/4" then it is going to leave you with 2 concentric cylinders, one about 1.5" across, one half the height, 3" across. When you go to do your BN pass, it will have to cut through very little in the center, but 1/4" of material to the edge of each cylinder.

Now, instead we set our depth of cut on the EM to 0.05". Now your roughing cut will leave 10 concentric cylinders, 0.05" high, each slightly larger than the one above it. So your BN will now have to cut only 0.05" deep.

In g-wizard, you would use the same depth of cut for both the EM and the BN, because one is dependent on the other. As for being concerned about the step over, don’t be. Try calculating using the 10% step over and then recalculate using the slotting step over. Since, with 3D tool paths, the material left behind by the roughing pass is usually so little, the step over doesn’t matter too much to your feeds/speeds for the BN.


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