Gamepad problems with Carbide Motion

For the last 2 versions of Carbide Motion I have had a problem with the gamepad I have been using. I can connect to the cutter and initialize but when I go to jog it shows no gamepad enabled while the gamepad is on. I found that if I go to settings and x out of the first window, which is a set zero window, then the settings window comes up and I close it, go back to jog and the program shows gamepad enabled. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, how did you correct it? Thanks for any replies.

Which sort of gamepad are you using? On what platform with what driver?

It is a Logitech controller that uses a small usb dongle for connectivity. As far as what platform and driver, I would have to do some research. It worked fine up until the last couple of version updates in Carbide Motion. Running windows 10. Thanks for your reply.

The gamepad is Logitech F710. Also windows 10 says the latest driver is installed. The controller does work, but it would be nice if I could figure out why it has started doing this. If I can’t find a solution I will continue to use it this way. Again thanks for the input.

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