Gantry stops halfway on x axis

Help please my shapeoko 3xl only travel to the center on the x axis don’t know what the problem is

in carbide motion, can you go to the settings screen and verify it is set to 3XL ?
And after you change it, you need to do a “send settings” button push on that same screen

(it sounds like your machine thinks it’s a 3 not a 3XL and the settings screen + send option changes that)


At the top of the setting page I selected xl but on the same page under GBRL it says machine type shapeoko 3 and I can’t change that

after you select XL, make sure you hit the “send settings” button


I did then the machine home and the same thing happened

Don’t know if the board could be the source of the problem because it is a brand new machine

Please post a photo or screengrab of you Settings page.

If you “Send Configuration Data” that should then work.

If it doesn’t, contact us at and we’ll get this worked out.