Gator tooth dimensions

Does anyone know the overall dimensions of the gator tooth clamps? I want to engrave right to the edge of my material and I am looking for a clamp that will hold down my stock tightly to the waste board in the event of some slight warping and still be able to engrave all the way to the edges.

Thank you.

I don’t have the GT clamps exactly but what I do is keep a pile of plywood shims by the machine. Mostly 12mm and 18mm thick, but they’re cut in strips of various sizes. It goes between the clamp teeth and whatever the material is. It’s square and compresses very nicely in the clamps. If it gets nicked by the end mill no worries, toss it out there’s always lots of scraps bits around a cabinet shop.


(let me know if you need the other dimensions)

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your the man!!! Thank you…

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