Gc convert to grbl possible

I have tried to use a gcode sent to me and my system will not read it, is there some way to convert?

Hi @chappy,

generally speaking, you don’t want to be running other people’s g-code, because there is a very good chance that it may not be right for you (different stock thicness, different endmill size being used for example). You should be reusing the source design file instead, and the format of that depends on the CAD/CAM tool you are using.

Can you clarify what you mean by “my system will not read it” ? What did you try to do and what failed ?


Can you post it here?

i use carbide create and motion with my shapeoko cnc.

The question is not what you are using but what produced the original GCode, for what machine was it produced, what material was it designed for, etc.

So Create manages the design files, and from there you generate machine code (Gcode), and you use Motion to feed it the Shapeoko.

As @luc.onthego said, if you got a Gcode file from someone, it was probably generated for another machine, an unknown material, an unknown endmill…so the short answer is you cannot use it on your Shapeoko. However you could ask the person who sent you this Gcode file to send you the vector design it was generated from, then you would likely be able to import that in Create, and recreate toolpaths for your choice of material, endmill size,etc…and then regenerate a Gcode file that is suitable.

Can you clarify, as Julien asked, exactly what happens when you try to load the file in Motion?
Also, if you share the file, it may just be something simple that can be edited by hand.

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