Gcode file names

I’m creating my Gcode on a Mac in the house and use it on an MacBook to run the machine in the garage. When I “save Gcode” on the Mac I get a “name.nc” file. However when I “export Gcode” to an SD I get an “name.svg” file.
If I were to try to transfer the Mac Gcode file to the sd would it run the Gcode like the .svg file or is the export function the only way to go?

Hi Jim,

If you are using Carbide Create, there are two very different things:

  • the “Save G-code” button creates the G-code file corresponding to your Toolpaths
  • the “Export SVG” in the File menu does something very different: it exports the vector design (shapes) as an .svg file
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Julien is most likely right, he usually is. On my Windows laptop all svg files have a carbide create icon. It is file association that causes the icon to be a carbide create file icon. Remember when you create a tool path the gcode is saved separately. On my screen some times “Save gcode” is below the viewable area.

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