Gcode for 1911 Grips

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No. I tried to open Griff’s file, but fusion (on a mac). did not want to open it. I had an issue last night where my model would not save, so i lost my chamfer on the bottom edge (not a big deal, i can add that later). i actually have both sides modeled mostly, so i’m going to attempt to cut tonight (don’t have a 1/8 ball mill right now, but i’m just going with verifying basic fit right now.

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As @neilferreri said in the thread before, you don’t open it as a zip file. Remove “.zip” from the end of the filename so it ends in “.f3d”

I did this and didn’t have an issue.

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The forum only allows certain file types. The workaround when you want to post an unacceptable file type is to hang .zip on the end of the file name. When you download it go into your file menu on your hd and rename it by simply deleting “.zip” from the end of the file name. It will then upload to Fusion and you can open it.

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Hint, offset plane and offset plane on a line. Oh, and “project” in the Sketch dropdown which enables you to project points from one plane to another.

Well, that’s pretty funny, me giving Fusion tips. A serious LOL :joy:

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Thanks for the info. Griff, your better able to give advise than I.

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Hey Griff,

Did you ever end up sharing your files for both grips?

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Here you go. Plain grips for Officers 1911. Remember to strip the zip.

1911 Left Mk5 v6.f3d.zip (899.1 KB)
1911 Right Mk5 v1 v1 v4.f3d.zip (220.1 KB)

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Steven, any luck yet?

Finished mine. Functions perfectly, 50 rounds thru so far.

Not at all happy with the finish on the metal, definite do over.

Got some Bocote for the grips, just need to finish the decorative design and cut.

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Hey griff I have made my own models in fusion. Had some issues but have them working well and have made some that I have done some checkering on. Working on adding in some guidelines for the checkering with the shapeoko.

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I cut one grip out of red oak last night. Turned out great. Nice work on the modeling and the cam Griff! I really appreciate your sharing them.

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You’re welcome. Would’ve been impossible for me without all that I’ve learned from this forum.

Hope you’ll share any decorative work you do.

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