Gcode not saving error messages

Ok, 1st I did download V7 after trying to find a fix for my problem, but it did not fix my problem.

I am saving the project to a flash drive in my office (air conditioned) and putting the flash drive into a computer in my shop (hotter than haites).

When I try to open the file it did not exist as a .nc file. If I searched for it, it magically appeared, but it would not load, only give me error messages.

After downloading V7, I got the same error messages.

I just did the exact same project 2 days ago with no problems. I only changed the font tonight and nothing is working. ???

Please post the file or send it in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to sort this out w/ you.

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Ok. You guys are awesome!! Sent.

You installed the latest version of Carbide Create, did you also update Carbide Motion the the latest version?

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I did not. I didn’t see it. But as a side note, it gave me the same error before the update.

CC v7 does not make .nc files anymore. The file is a c2d. They encrypt the gcode inside the c2d file. With the Pro version you can save a separate .nc gcode file. Somewhere on the forum is a link to a C3D site where you could upload your c2d file and get a gcode file back if you dont have the Pro version.

CC v7 is only compatible with CM 566 or above.

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I couldn’t see anything wrong w/ the file, and it worked when I sent it — please provide all the details of what you are doing, and make sure that you are using CM565 or later as noted.

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:+1: like I stated, it did the same error in V6.

How did you transfer the v7 file to v6?

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I have seen a similar problem on the forum and the solution was the flash drive was full. Double check if your drive is full or close to full.

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Not sure I understand.

Not even close to full.

Will, your the best. I did have the old version of Carbide Motion, once I installed the 566v, my files all appeared.

I still don’t understand why the old versions of both Carbide create and motion worked fine with the same project 2 days ago, but not yesterday.

BUT… it doesn’t matter now because thanks to your help, I am back in business. I needed the night off anyways.

Thanks again!!!