Geometric Interactions

Here is the SVG:


and here is a 2D file which doesn’t require Pro:

dna_2d.c2d (46.3 KB)

Is this what you’re trying to do?

DNA (1).c2d (265.2 KB)

Beat ya by a nose. :smiley:

I wasn’t able to Adv Vcarve all of them at once. I grouped them one strand at a time, and it looks good.
If that’s what he’s shooting for. Yours did the same as mine. some goofy ends of paths.

I created this one from what Will Sent. Thank you Will.
How were you able to seal the open vector? I think I exhausted everything I could do with what you posted.

I then looked at what you sent Tod and yes, as you see that is exactly what I was trying to make.

All this was practice for learning purposes, I don’t plan on running this at least for now. I will save it though.

Thank you both very much.

I just had a thought. Can you imagine how many questions I’d have if I acquired the pro version?

Don’t worry, Maybe for Christmas?

Important part is we learned that for that kind of cut, each area must be it’s own closed vector. And a few tricks to getting them closed. Subtraction, Trim, or just delete node & add a line/curve & join.
I’m kinda thinking now it would look good with a little gap between vectors.

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