Get rid of the fuzzies engraving on wood!

Hi all, been working on a design, engraving on maple, and seeing a lot of ‘fuzz’ on the edges and around the circles and triangles:


Before I start doing a bunch of testing with different speeds and feeds, wondering if anyone has seen this and can provide feedback?

I’m using a 1/8" two flute end mill to engrave. Is this typical of either a dull tool or too fast a feed rate, or possibly something else? Really do NOT want to hand sand around each hole on all of these when they are done :slight_smile:

so one thing that helps a ton is to use a “downcut” endmill. Basically right now your bit is pulling the wood fibers up, and that causes the fuzz; a downcut will push them down (into the area where the endmill and the wood meet, so it’ll cut them better there)


Thanks. I will look to see what kind of 1/8" end mills I bought. Honestly don’t know if they are down or up cut!

I have had good luck with something like these or which aren’t super expensive (so don’t expect them to last forever)… there’s many others from many vendors

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Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a roll of Tyvek house wrap tape and cover the work with it before you cut the piece. That’s what i do and it seems to reduce the amount of fuzzies. It doesn’t totally eliminate it but reduces it a lot. The tape comes in 2 inch by 160 foot rolls and is about $15.00

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Saw a similar idea using 3M shelf lining paper. Going to go get some of each and try it this week!

I use Easy Liner Adhesive Shelf Paper and Oramask 813. The Shelf Paper is cheap and you can get it as Walmart, lowes and most big box stores. The Oramask 813 works well but it is not as available locally as the shelf paper. All masks can get the same fuzzies as our work when cutting across the grain. I use a stiff nylon brush to knock off the fuzzies before painting.

Thought i’de try something different. Bought some of this on amazon and i like it. Adheres well and easy to install and remove. Greatly reduces fuzzies when cutting and when spraying greatly reduces over spray. Think ill switch from using the Tyvek house wrap tape.

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