Getting Creative with Tabs and 2D Contour Toolpaths

I was just going through an annoying clamp up and I thought to myself, it would have been smart to design little tabs to keep my F-style clamps straight during annoying joint geometries…

But then I thought… Hey I can just add tabs at will in F360 and then just offset the a final contour toolpath to then cut those tabs out of the stock still attached to my model to function as clamp points…

Has anyone tried this method before I go down the rabbit hole?


So I gave this a shot and had okay results.

This is clearly an easier clamp up, but in F360 while you can control tab width and height, you can’t control their length. Making them a bit hard to clamp to.

Also, offsetting the 2D contour would mean that I would have to space parts in stock further apart which is sub optimal for saving material. Ended up just taking a flush cut saw to remove the tabs.

Any other thoughts?

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