Getting name of tool to show up in Carbide Motion, not the tool number

How can I get a custom tool name to show up during a cut tool change in Carbide Motion? The pre-loaded Carbide tools show the name of the tool, but any custom tools only show the tool number. When I edit the tool in CC, the Tool Number box only allows me to input numbers, no letters are allowed.

When I have a few tool changes or I’m running an older file, it’s hard to remember what each tool number is sop I have to open up CC and look at the toolpaths to make sure I’m using the right now. Is this functionality available?

I’m running CC Pro, Build 757 (latest at the time of this post)

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The tool number is best but what you could try to do is open CC and the Help Menu and go to data directory. In CC and then tools you will find your custom database for your tools. Double click on that database and it will open in a spreadsheet. You can directly edit the .csv file and then save as a .csv file. Do not allow the spreadsheet to save in its native file format because CC canot read those types of files.

Something I do is print a label of the tool # and description and paste it on the gantry. Be sure your tool numbers are unique. I start at 600 and go up from there. Do not duplicate C3D tool numbers because CC gets confused.

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I use about 32 distinct tools. I keep a chart in my shop telling me which # belongs to which tool. It isn’t your request fulfilled, but I think you will find it a valid workaround.

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Yeah I can do that. It’s just that the pre-loaded Carbide tools have the name and number displayed on the tool change message, not sure why we can’t have the same thing! Thanks for the suggestion.

The reason the CC tools show up is because they are hard-coded into Carbide Motion. It’s not using anything from the too database except the tool number, and that’s why your tools don’t have a name - Carbide Motion doesn’t have that info.

There’s no reason CC couldn’t write out a comment line before each tool change with some more descriptive info (so that CM could display it), but they don’t do that.

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