Getting very frustrated now

So, nomad up and running. File created for some clamping bars for the threaded table. Connected in motion, homes etc, file loaded and off we go. Each time after a few minutes, different amounts each time its disconnecting serial port and power momentarily drops. So I have to then re load the file and go again. Luckily I keep adapting the file in create to skip what it’s already done as aluminium ain’t cheap here in the uk grrr.

Any ideas what could be happening here? Checked power pack and plug socket. House isn’t tripping as computer isn’t shutting down and none of my other gear.

I know I’m asking a lot lately but just trying my best to. Before this I tried a piece of mdf and it did the same. The spindle motor gets super hot too. End mill isn’t getting hot.

End mill is getting to around 20°c but the spindle motor 64°c all measured with a infrared temp gun.

elaborate on power dropping?

shot in the dark either a computer load issue or the data cable. perhaps EMI issue? ensure the data cable is kept away from the power cable. connections good - unplug and replug to confirm.

Done and done. The only thing I can keep coming back to is does it have a heat cut off? As the spindle motor just seems to get hot just as it cuts off. It really is momentary. It’s as though the machine literally cuts power for less than a second and then I have to re load my file and start again.

this thread mentioned what looks like a similar issue? (but there was no definitive answer there)

What about your feeds and speeds ? cutting aluminium on the Nomad takes its toll on the spindle, so I could imagine that if you are running near the torque limit, over time the spindle might heat up too much ? just a wild guess. Share them and others will be able to tell if you are pushing the machine too far maybe.

Thank you guys. I let create make the speeds etc and used them. Here are the speeds etc.

Are you programming with Carbide Create? Does the error occur during a tab feature of your program?

If so, this could be it. Tab plunge speed

I am indeed programming with create. The error occurs randomly. I’ve given up for the night now after 13 disconnects. I tried randomly on another piece of mdf just incase it was me cutting the Aluminium and nope, it heated up again and tripped that serial port alarm

If you haven’t, please contact us at

Messaged. Just really really want to get up and running. I even tried a run with nothing to cut and still the spindle temp climbed and after 4 mins the same happened again. Temp of spindle motor got high. Just gutted as it’s literally days old.

do you have a small house fan available?

try another dry cut (nothing) with the fan directly on it and see if that solves it.
highest setting as close as possible.

Ambient temperature 05°C. Machine 07°C. Job with no stock so just a dry run after 4 mins spindle reads 62.4 and it does it again. Tried with a small turbo cooling fan aimed directly at it and instead of 4 mins I managed 7. Does anyone know if the spindle motor has a heat sensor inside? If so then I believe it is this that is causing it. It does seem to get hot just way too quick.

Not sure if you’re still having this issue or not. I had the same problem when I first got my machine, too. Try moving it / plugging it into a different outlet. We have an older home and not all of the outlets were actually grounded. I plugged my Nomad in to the service outlet right at our electrical panel and haven’t had a problem since.


I never did get to the bottom of it but stuck a CPU fan on it and it sorted it straight away. I tried all sorts, moving into a different room, different materials etc. Nothing but a fan did anything.

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