Got a 'Dead' Machine?

Having run into this, and having it solved with some help from the Carbide team I figured I’d share the symptoms…

Does your machine not have the cooling fan running? (It’s quiet, double check)
Does your machine connect to the Carbide Motion software successfully?
Does the Carbide Motion Software seem unable to do anything with the machine?
Is the spindle easy to move regardless off whether the machine is turned on?

You might have no power to the machine.
The control board seems to be powered by the USB, so connecting to it is NOT an indicator of power to the machine.

e-stop: push it in (all the way), twist it clockwise to release it (just to be sure)
Fuse: Between the power plug and the power switch is a small fuse (I know it’s all black there. Trust me, it’s there). Pull out the fuse holder & check to make sure there’s a solid (but thin) piece of metal going across it.
Power source: Just to be extra sure, try switching to an entirely different outlet you’ve plugged the machine into.
Computer: This is where you do the unplug, reboot, re-plug in, etc. several times just to be sure. Mix it up. Power things up in different orders…

Still no luck? There may be a problem internally. Check in with the fine folks at Carbide for help, and possibly advice on cracking open the machine to diagnose any problems.

you may also want to manually move the table and spindle carriage in from the limits (with power off).