Graphic tip for you - Topaz Ai Gigapixel for tracing

 This is from my photography efforts BUT there  is a new app called **_AI gigapixel from topaz labs_** which is probably the best resizing app right now. It is expensive for a single stand alone app.  
 It can take these tiny clip art files from the web and resize them up to 600 percent.  I use it for my embryonic efforts at tracing in vcarve desktop 9. (is better than photoshop cc which doesn't blow them up as well.)

Seems to work well.

could you provide a link to app and more info re: O/S requirements, etc.

It’s a commercial product, $99.99 at:

System requirements at:

There’s a free trial.

Looks to be another of the programs which uses fractal image compression to allow re-sampling.

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in the high end photograph world this app is not just considered another fractal app. several of topazes recent ai or artificial intelligence apps are getting very popular. The ai_clear is becoming the go to app for many of my photo buddies for noise reduction and amazing sharpening. These are guys who shoot full frame top of the line cameras.
I’ll stop here because I realize this is not a photography forum.

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