GRBL 1.1 - What's the hype about?

Lots of chatter about updating to GRBL 1.1, but I have not read or seen (other then Will’s LCD post) what new features I should be expecting. Does anyone know what we should be getting excited about?

This link has some info:

The other feature that I’m looking forward to is laser cutting support.

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Thanks Eric. I had seen that update, but if not mistaken, Software Redefined’s IntelliG-code can already do, with the current Grbl, the things that carbide is saying they need Grbl 1.1 to do. Personally I was hoping for touch plate compatibility.

You can use a touch plate now — you just have to type up and send the code manually in the MDI or use a different sender which has that support (bCNC is one which does).

Carbide 3D has noted that they’re working on their own touch plate, so presumably direct support will be added for that, and at a guess, it’s on hold until the 1.1 update, or thereafter.

  • Feedrate overrides
  • Parking / retracting when pausing
  • More responsive jogging

For the probing, we’ve built a number of macros that are implemented as additional M codes that simplify common use cases so that the probing will be more of a complete solution.

We found one quirk in the parking operation that we’re working with Sonny on right now. Not a bug, but not something we want to subject users to either. If we get some resolution on that then we can get a beta of Carbide Motion 4 out for testing.


Now your talking! Thanks Rob. I am a fan of CM and it is what I prefer, but sometimes feel like I am missing out on features because of my software preference. Glad to hear we can expect some game changers.

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