GRBL Alarms 8 and 5

I got my PRO 5 built today and when I did the initialization after setting up the machine in carbide motion I got ALARM 8, homing fail. I went inside, did some searching on the forum and found a few things to try. I went back out and started up Carbide Motion and hit the SETUP NEW MACHINE button. Went through the whole setup, all homing switches worked just fine (love it when things fix themselves). Should I dig into this further or just let that sleeping dog lie?

Moving on, after machine setup I hit the Initialize machine button, it moves the spindle to the NE corner then moves forward and asks for a tool change. I’m just trying to figure this thing out at this point so I just click ok with out putting a tool in. The spindle then moves back to the NE corner and proceeds to lower the spindle until there is no more travel in the Z axis and I get “ALARM 5: Probe fail. Probe did not contact the workpiece within the programmed travel”.

Quick search suggests this is related to the bit setter. Bit Setter has one red light on and when I press it the green light also turns on, but it is not registering in Carbide Motion.

There isn’t much on the forum on this topic. Yes Will, I’ll write an email to support (:wink: , but its Saturday evening and I was hoping to get this machine at least functioning, if not cutting, before the weekend is up and I have get back to my real life.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

I don’t see a ticket from you in the support queue yet.

I believe that what happened is the BitSetter location didn’t take.

Please power up, connect to the machine, go to Settings, then disable the BitSetter — that should then allow the machine to initialize successfully if you wish, then you can reconfigure for the BitSetter:

If you did not have a tool installed the Z cannot go low enough to hit the BitSetter. Put a tool, any tool, in when prompted. Since you are new always follow the on screen directions. Never change a bit manually always use the software interface to put a new tool in or follow screen prompts when cutting a job.

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Guy has your answer. When it comes forward and asks for a bit change, either insert a bit or insert a piece of 1/8" or 1/4" rod to mimic a bit. With nothing there to push the button down, it will keep going down till it hits the safety minimum and throw an alarm.
Sounds like you are doing fine otherwise.

@WillAdams Just sent the email to support. I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow morning.

@gdon_2003 & @woodworm Problem is, when the spindle goes down its back in the NE corner, not over the bit setter. On top of that, in the machine setup wizard when I am asked to configure the bit setter and I press on the bit setter I don’t see the software recognizing (bit setter input state) I’m pushing it.

Thanks so much, all of you, for helping me!

Carbide 3d sent me a new V4 controller, I plugged it in and everything works!

Shout out to the support team!

I’ll start slinging chips tomorrow!


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