GRBL Error 7 and 8

I tried to run a very small job this afternoon and CM stopped in the middle of the job and gave me two errors. I had the letter error when I started and initialized but then I re-initialized and it started fine. I had no dust collection so it should not be static electricity.

Any ideas besides restarting?

What CAM tool made the G-Code?

Reran the job two times and both times completed successfully. I wonder what was the issue.

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Momentary loss of communication and dropped characters?

A similar thing happened to me a few times, seemed to be a random glitch in the communication (not disconnect, just corrupted data)


If this is the case, I wonder if the newest versions (after BitSetter) have changed their communication stack because it never happened to me in previous versions but I’ve had the warning before I started the job in the past few weeks and I have not been using the CNC a lot so it must be frequently happening.

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