GRBL Error Cutter not found pls help

I was about one minute into a job and the machine stopped and said 'limit switch hit“ I shut everything down repositioned all travels, turned machine back on and started getting errors other than the limit switch error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Carbide motion. Now I just have the GRBL Error ‚Cutter not Found‘ also when I turn the power switch on the blue light is bright at first then dims to about half. Also reset the PRAM on my MAC.
Any help you can provide would be great as I am in the middle of a PO for a customer that I needed to finish this weekend.
I have a Nomad 883
Thanks, Tim

If you remove the back of the machine you should be able to see the electronics — see if pressing the reset button will allow you to connect. If that doesn’t help, and none of the things at: help let us know at and we’ll work out getting you a replacement board.

I’ve tried all of these options, and nothing is providing a resolution. I’ve already sent an email to the I will inform them that we have communicated.

Thank you for your help!

So I have received my second new control board today. I installed the new control board, my Mac saw my machine. All good so far… I loaded my file and I get a error…… "Door Open“ "Please close door to continue“ I do not have a door switch on my machine! is there anyway to bypass this?

Issue resolved! up and running!

Issue resolved…! up and running

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