GRBL Error: Cutter not found

This is Melody. I’m assisting Michael with this issue. The computer was recognizing the cutter last night. Michael even ran a test cut successfully. This morning, it is no longer recognizing it. He is planning to connect the DeWalt router to a different circuit since that may be an issue. However, nothing can be done if the computer will not recognize the Shapeoko 3 board. We have removed and reinstalled the Carbide software and rebooted the computer, but still nothing. I have checked that the wires are connected properly and switch is turned on. The board is on – blue light is on. When I turn on the power switch, there is a short buzz of the motors and then a soft hum that continues. So, it’s on. After this I check my computer Device Manager. Nothing showing in the port like it was yesterday. So, of course, when I turn on the Carbide software and press Connect, I receive the error message:“GRBL Error: Cutter not found”.

I have experience programming Arduino and have many spare boards if it will be necessary to do something with the board.

Please assist us with resolving this issue. Thank you!

We have a basic article on this here:

Please try pressing the reset button on the board — if that helps, contact — even if it doesn’t please do and we’ll sort this out.

Thank you, @WillAdams, I just sent an email to support.

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