Greatest Customer Service

After assembling my Shapeoko 3XL, I had a stuttering issue on the Y axis. A quick note to the support line and they responded with a couple of suggestions to try. I found one of the cable extensions had a bad crimp that had broken the wires (stepper motors don’t like running with only 3 wires). Support shipped a replacement cable and as I waited for it to arrive I thought to myself, I can solder this and make it work. Worked like a charm, no more stutter. As the wire were no longer in the drag chain I had to be careful not to snag anything. Well I was not careful enough and almost ripped the USB pug completely off the control board. Another note to support asking if there was a repair service available and they respond by sending a new board. Could not ask for better service, so glad I decided on a Shapeoko and buying directly from them.


Seriously though! Nothing beats these guys. My shapeoko shipped and was damaged in route, the waste board was cracked. they had a new one to me in about a week. Not only that but I have had almost same day support in the forums from at least one of the team members or someone in this great community. Its crazy too cause the machine and the software really stand on their own. Alot of heart and detail goes into what these guys do.


Same here.
My extension cables were missing.
I wrote them about it, but I had some other 16-4 cable from previous builds and made some cables, then told them they didnt need to send it, but needed help with the settings.
They got me lined up with the settings, and a few days later the cables showed up in the mail too.
I’ve only run my XXL a few hours, but I’m real pleased with it.
I’ve got a couple Chinese CNC lathes, and 2 CNC mills, but this is my first 200 IPM router CNC.
I’ve never machined so fast! I’ve done some wood on my metal machines, but hate it. Saw dust isn’t friendly with oil or steel, cuase of the high acid (rust).
I was afraid the Shapeoko was a toy, but flying through a 1/2" of wood at 75-100 IPM was beautiful to me.
I make alluminum parts all day for $, but I sure look forward to working with the XXL.
I’m sure I’ll be making money on it too, but right now I’m catching up on gifts :slight_smile:

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