Grouped vectors being ignored?

Sorry, me again :frowning:

This USB plate of mine is ready to cut - or it would be if all the grouped vectors were included!

For some reason, when I click ‘Show Simulation’, the inner holes don’t seem to form part of the cut (and don’t highlight in black when hovering over the toolpath), yet they’re in a group of vectors that are. I’ve checked and double-checked, but I can’t see what’s missing.

I’ve attached the file, if someone would be kind enough to take a look, please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

20200926 - USB Plate v4.c2d (32.2 KB)

Hi Peter,

the endmill you selected is 3.175mm in diameter but the inner holes are 3mm, so the tool can’t get into them and that’s why they get left out of the toolpath generation. You’ll need to either make larger holes or use a smaller endmill


if you want a nice but sturdy smaller endmill

is what I use a lot… 2mm is small enough for many details, but big enough to not be super fragile (you can use 20 to 25 ipm for these just fine)

and they’re not incredibly expensive so if you happen to snap one…

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Strewth, I should have thought of that!

Thanks, @Julien

Thanks, @fenrus

Sadly these are not available in the UK, but there are similar ones…

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