GT2 gear too narrow for belts

Hi all. Just recieved my Shapeoko 3 today. I got to the point of attaching the belts, but one of the stepper motor gears is too narrow. Ive emailed support, but with it being a holiday weekend, Im sure it will be next week before i see a response. Does anyone know the specifics of the gear used on the stepper motor on the right y plate? Id like to try and find one tomorrow so I can play around this long weekend.

Thanks for any help!
Happy Holidays,

Details are here:

with further information at: and

Might have better luck getting one from someone local — post your geographic location in general terms?

Thanks Will. I appreciate you taking the time to answer on this holiday weekend! I’m in Northeast Florida.I’ll take a look at the details, and see if I can find someplace that maybe sells them.

Thanks again!

For a temporary thing, say to just do Hello World and some testing, you could consider popping off the outer plate on the too narrow pulley and running with part of the belt hanging off — I don’t think it’ll run the belt off.

I’m going to give that a shot. Popped the outer plate off, and ran the belt. Working on tightening / squaring up. Thanks again!