Half motion range after PC swap

Hi guys,
I have an XXL and changed out my laptop for a dedicated PC to run it.
For some reason, now I only get half the X and Y range of mothion.
I open Carbide Motion, initialize and then when I select rapid to XY zero or the front centre for example, the spindle stops in the centre of the bed.
I plug my laptop back in and everything is fine.

The problem PC is Win10 i5 with 8gig ram.

What setting am I missing here?

Did you tell it XXL in CM settings?

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Tks Ben

You are not stupid. The settings are persistent once you set them. Not sure why a new install of CM caused you to lose your set up. But I am not sure of all of the internals of CM. Glad you are fixed.

Thanks Guy.
It was a fresh install on a new PC so, yeah.
It’s all good now though, i’ve given myself wake up slap. :grin:

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