Hardware: Issue with Carbide3D Router

I’m having a problem with my CCR which was replaced under warranty just a few short months ago. This evening I started a sign to learn about prism carving and texturing in Vectric Pro. I got the prism text carved and then moved to a pocket clearing pass and got horrendous results, see photo attached.

I then changed the bit and noticed a lot of play in the shaft of the router, not necessarily visible, but certainly audible. I’ve attached a video, which I hope captures the noise (a clicking) when viewed.

I’m assuming this is not normal, but is this a warranty claim?

Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com — I suspect your new unit has bad bearings and will need to be replaced (though you could replace them yourself if out of warranty).

John ,
Carbide3D has been pretty good with warranty. In most states for instance if you have a 1 year warranty and you get a warranty replacement and/or repair on the last day you get an additional 30 days of warranty extension for the specific problem you had fixed. I dont know the warranty terms for Carbide3d but that is pretty standard for most post warranty issues.

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